Jeana Potthoff and Richard Roman became a songwriting team in May of 2010. They are dedicated to writing songs with strong messages. In doing so, they hope to be able to touch and move people to help others. You can learn more about Richard Roman  and Jeana Potthoff at their links.


By the power of the internet the talents of Denis, Andrew, Richard, and Deborah came together in December of 2007 to make Dard Productions. Representing the countries of Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel, we are truly an international group. Our songs are very diverse and do not fit into one type of genre. Our goal is to write songs that touch people.

Denis Couture

From Quebec, Canada, he started playing the piano at age 14 and quickly began to compose his own melodies and orchestration using the latest in keyboards and computers. He is now established as a producer for film music, records and musicals.

Andrew Foyston

He is originally from Hull in the North of England but now resides in Twickenham, London. He is a composer of mainly soundtrack material but since joining DARD Productions he concentrates on orchestrating and arranging the tracks for the team.

Richard Roman

From Ohio in the United States, he has been writing lyrics since he was in college. He can’t sing or dance very well so he writes the words to make people want to sing and dance. He is the author of the inspirational plaque “Secret to Happiness” that was sold in stores in the United States.

Deborah Ivri

From Israel, she started singing at age 5 and was raised with music ranging from Classical and Opera to Dance, Trance and Pop. Eclectic by nature, her vocals and style have been compared to Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman and Enya.

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